Teradyne TUG 2012

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About TUG

The Teradyne Users Group (TUG) is the ATE industry's longest running users group conference focused on quality knowledge exchange between users of Teradyne products.

TUG was incorporated in 1983 by Teradyne customers. Each year a conference is held at rotating locations within the U.S. This conference consists of technical papers, panel and poster sessions, as well as tutorials that present the latest in test technology.

TUG is run by an annually elected steering committee of Teradyne customers, with Teradyne appointed delegates. Participation at TUG is restricted to licensed users of Teradyne products and those invited by the TUG Steering Committee.

Semiconductor Test: Semiconductor Test sessions address test issues related to developers and manufacturers of a broad range of integrated circuits, packaged separately or integrated as cells, SOC and SIP devices, and covering a broad range of applications, including computing, communications, consumer, automotive, identification and the internet.

Teradyne test systems covered include FLEX™, microFLEX™, UltraFLEX™, IP750Ex, J750 Family, Nextest's Magnum test systems and Eagle Test's ETS test systems. Technical sessions are assembled in five technology and market segment groups, including Digital, Mixed Signal, Power Management/Automotive, RF Wireless, and Test Infrastructure and Production.

System Test: Defense and Aerospace Test sessions are for user technicians and test engineers responsible for developing, architecting or maintaining factory, depot or intermediate (I-Level) functional board or box test program sets. This includes users of the Spectrum™ 9100 or L-Series Functional Test Systems, as well as users of M9-Series™ and Di-Series Digital Test Instruments, the Ai7 Series™ Analog Test Instruments, the Bi4-Series™ Serial Bus Test Instruments, TestStudio™, TPS Converter Studio™, LASAR™ and VICTORY™.

FLEX, microFLEX, UltraFLEX, M9-Series, Spectrum, Ai7, Bi4, TestStudio, TPS Converter Studio, LASAR and VICTORY are trademarks of Teradyne, Inc.

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